Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update with Mturk #2

I have began using Mturk more efficiently as time goes on. I even learned how I can make a living off it. But that would all depend on what hits were available and how much time they take. Batch hits pay off pretty well in the long run. I hit my own personal record of making $11 in a day. I could have made more that day too if I wanted.

I also hit a record of making a total of $120 within 45 days and counting. Not bad for working online at home. Although it doesn't really feel like work, most of the tasks are interesting. It's also $120 I won't have if I had used that time playing video, games which I kinda wanted to do. I was able to pay off a my monthly cell phone bill, buy some supplies on Amazon, and treat myself a little. Mturk will really come in handy when I start college in the beginning of next year and when I go to visit my boyfriend from out of town this Christmas.

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