Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update with Mturk #2

I have began using Mturk more efficiently as time goes on. I even learned how I can make a living off it. But that would all depend on what hits were available and how much time they take. Batch hits pay off pretty well in the long run. I hit my own personal record of making $11 in a day. I could have made more that day too if I wanted.

I also hit a record of making a total of $120 within 45 days and counting. Not bad for working online at home. Although it doesn't really feel like work, most of the tasks are interesting. It's also $120 I won't have if I had used that time playing video, games which I kinda wanted to do. I was able to pay off a my monthly cell phone bill, buy some supplies on Amazon, and treat myself a little. Mturk will really come in handy when I start college in the beginning of next year and when I go to visit my boyfriend from out of town this Christmas.

View my previous blog entry about Mturk.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fiverr does not pay off

Fiverr.com is a website were sellers offer their services for only $5. It can be anything for something complete silly or cute to marketing and business related micro jobs.

I joined the site almost a year ago to see if I could make a few bucks, being unemployed and all. I thought if I just posted a few jobs that looked fun or useful, I could actually make some decent money. The first week I got about 20 jobs from the same customer to draw cute animated monsters for an Ipod app. I learned that you don't get a full 5$, you get $3.92. Fiverr deducts some fees.

So I thought, okay, I just need a lot more customers to make a decent profit. And to get more customers, I would offer to do a 30 second animation for "5$". Big mistake. You see, there are some people that are so despite for money that they are willing to do anything for a measly few cents. That causes the value to go down in certain categorizes. And some people would love to take advantage of that.

My email suddenly became overwhelmed with people asking me to do all sorts of animations. Most of the people asked for very complected animation and longer then 30 seconds. People just don't understand how time consuming animation is. Even stick figure animations would take a while. In the end, I just deleted that job posting and abandoned Fiverr. My lesson was to value my time and worth. If it takes days to make $3.92 or even a few hours, then I might as well be working at a sweat shop. Not to mention I can get payed more doing less effort on MTurk or other survey sites. Especially because it may take days or even weeks for you to get a customer on Fiverr.

I see people with real talent on Fiverr who post micro jobs that are worth hundreds of dollars. But Fiverr feels no shame in making money of chumps I suppose. If you just want to do a few things on this website because it sounds really fun then go for it. But I would avoid this website if you're really good at what you do.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Online job: Make money daily with MTurk

I've noticed that some ways to make money are just not worth the effort. So I eventually just stop proceeding with them. But I am very glad to have found a way to make money online every day. I can even make over $5 a day if I really put in the effort. The only problem is staring into the computer constantly without rest strains my eyes and gives me a headache sometimes.
Mturk is a website where you complete hits for money. With Mturk, I make at least a few cents a day, which right now is better then any other way I make money online including my online jewelry making business (still working on it). Since Mturk is associated with Amazon.com I already know it's safe and reliable. I shop on Amazon all the time and so far, I have used all my earnings for my purchases on amazon.

This is what I have earned from November 2012 to today (March 02)

Here's what I made in the last 45 days

Making $5 a day is my short term goal. Some people on the Mturk forums have claimed to make $100 a day! Wow, I got a lot of work to do. My long term goal to completed 1000 hits. I've heard once you get to that level, more high paying hits open up.

Sign up with Mturk and start making money!

Friday, November 30, 2012

InboxDollar Payment proff video

I uploaded this video in October but made it months before. It was when I got my first check from InboxDollars. Today I still continue to make money from InboxDollars today!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

InboxDollars payment proff check

I became a Golden member of Inboxbollars once I received my first check with them. It took me a few months because I was kind of lazy and didn't work at it everyday but it was worth it. Here are just some picture of the check I received. I plan on doing a video of my processes of requesting this check.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Growing my investments

This post was originally an essay I wrote for a Money Management class I took at college :)

I’ve created a Monthly Cash Flow Statement in the beginning of February before I even decided to join this class. The money I’m making isn’t from a job I have, but from an online affiliate network.

Basically, affiliates are people who try to sell a product or service owned by another company. When they make a sale they earn a percentage of that sale. This affiliate network is a bit complicated to explain, but I’ll say that you save a lot of time when you invest more money.

In my Monthly Cash Flow Statement I make sure to keep track of exactly how much I’m making each day. I learn that by investing more money I earn a bit more each day. It usually depends on how long I will get the amount I invest back. I leaned that the more I invest the longer it takes to get back. But the more I do it overtime the quicker it gets. My short term goal is to keep investing to grow my earnings. My long 12 month goal is to be able to make a living off this network.

I also learned by personal experience, that wealth is not measured with money or material items. But by time. I noticed that I’m looking for better ways to invest my time, and that some people mindlessly waste it as if they have all the time in the world.

I remember seeing a long line at the festival that looked like a 20 minute wait for to buy 6 dollars worth of popcorn. I thought, “what a waste of time”. And yet this is how some people value there time. If they all had only an hour left to live, they might decide that waiting in line to pay for overpriced popcorn is not worth it. My point is that we are all going to die at some point and no amount of money can buy us more time to live.

So I know that the main ingredient I need to be wealthy is time. Me getting wealthy isn’t going to happen overnight. I wanted to find a way that would make me money all the time. Not just hour by hour, while I’m working at a job. But while I ate, slept, and invested my time in doing things I think are more meaningful. I was finally able to accomplish that goal not too long ago. Now all I need is the time to grow my earnings and make a decent profit.